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Following canons expressed on page "Preamble", my second major concern is the right of people to work, and make a decent living doing so.  And not just to work, but to do so in an just way that contemplates their rights to have leisure time, and "quality time" with their families.

No nation should have tolerance with other nations that allowed -or ignore- the abuse committed on its working class.

It is also imperative that all nations come together and agree on more international laws to protect human rights. 

bullet For instance,
bullet(1) child labor shall not be tolerated anywhere (zero tolerance).
bullet(2) in order to make a decent salary, no worker should have to toll more than 50 hours per week, and the target should be no more than a 40 hours workweek for men and 30 hours for mothers.
bullet(3) a mother should be able to take proper care of their children.  If she has to work, then her employer should strife to offer her a good quality child-care.
bullet(4) it should be a right for any mother to be able to have a minimum of one year of maternity leave, without fear of losing her job.
bulletA child is not a lesser child for having been born in a backward country.  This league of nations should make sure no abuses are committed against children -or mothers- in any country around the world.  Stiff penalties should be bored in those countries paying a deaf ear / blind eye to the needs of their children and mothers.
bulletPeople should have compulsory vacation, minimum 3 weeks a year, although 4 weeks should be targeted as optimum.  Perhaps it is because I was born in Europe, that I have not changed my positioning on this issue in the last 30 years, regardless of what it might cost my campaign.  And this despite some early criticism, and despite my good understanding of business administration and the economy.
bullet I firmly believe -although is not directly evident- that the cost to society of not having their workers enjoy enough free time with their relatives -and strengthening their family bonding- is huge.  Only if we could put a price on the cost of ... divorce, crime, obesity, psychiatric sessions, child development problems, teenager problems, alcoholism, sexual abuse, automobile accidents, etc ...caused by family tensions, then this cost to society would be self-evident.  The lack of quality time between family members, and the lack of time to share activities and leisure is the root of many problems our modern society has.  The fact that the USA is a large country, and that job opportunities take us far from relatives does not help on this bonding issue.
bulletIn my opinion, most of the concern about free trade is shortsighted and incongruent.  It is in the best interest of all nations to gain access to larger markets that go beyond a nation boundaries.  Period.
bulletNo question though, that we should take into consideration the impact -to many cultures around the world- that this free trade wave may cause.  Perhaps, to safeguard the rights of some people, in certain situations it should be recommended to have a measured and gradual change in economic and cultural life-styles.
bulletIn particular, it is quite important to impose penalties and trade difficulties to those countries that do not do their best to protect the environment.
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