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I will try to cover the most important issues of my campaign in a systematic fashion.   First I will express what I find are to be considered the most fundamental human rights, that any person must be endowed with.  And in view of those rights I will indicate my positioning on those important issues affecting the American public, and our national concerns.
My first canon expresses my fundamental belief that:
(I)  "All people on Earth shall have the same right to enjoy the resources of this planet, and we should all be participants on the prosperity that our modern societies may bring".


Some humans will not be able to enjoy those benefits or reach much prosperity in their lives.  This is in part due to the incompetence of their governments, some of which had no interest in pursuing what is best for their country's folk.
All nations should strife and help each other, vigorously when necessary,  too make sure the resources afore mentioned -and that prosperity- will be for all human beings to enjoy.

Pavement dwellers in Bombay, India, a country that neglects the children that are not of 

the right social cast.  A terrible mistake and a human disgrace

(Scan has been taken from National Geographic Magazine)

My second canon is a lot more concise, and is not original.  It has been around -at least in Spanish cultures- for quite a few centuries already, it says:
(II)   "Trabajar para vivir, no vivir para trabajar"   -semantically- meaning: 

 (Work to make a living, you were not born just to work).

In other words, work is the means to attain greater prosperity and well-being.  But we should be careful not to trespass that line, where slavery is to be found on the other side.

Andalusians (people from southern part of Spain) having a good time dancing flamenco. 

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