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Until then, please visit the "Bering Tunnel" page (<-clicking the link)....  and get ready for a TRADE SHOCK!

Visit also "Latin America" page, and learn about the "Darien Gap", that is strangulating land commerce with the sub-continent.

In the US, we need to be understanding with the historical, political, religious, and cultural circumstances of all countries, and do our best effort interpreting the needs of all those countries.  However, there always be a line in the sand, where those who dare to cross it we will not do business with them.  Mistreatment of citizens would be one reason.  Violation of copyrights and intellectual rights can not be tolerated either.

Chinese, under pressure from the US, destroying bootlegged copies of music tapes, CD's and all kind of software (Nat.Geo.magz) ------>

I already covered above that Free International trade is of paramount importance not just to the US economy, but for the development of the economy of all countries on this planet.  That is my laconic statement, and does need much else to be explicit.


More to come in April.

Trade with Cuba?

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