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We have many things to offer to tourists, and yet our tourism industry -per capita wise- lags well behind many European nations.

How many more tourist could we have if Chinese, Russians, Europeans, South Americans, and others could come to America driving their cars? 

Am I kidding you?  I do not think so!    For more on this,  visit pages "Bering Tunnel" , or  "Latin America"<-you could go there by clicking on these links (underlined green text).

We need to:
bulletBuild the "Bering Link"
bulletComplete the "Darien Gap", the unfinished segment of the Pan-American highway.
bulletPromote better our country overseas
bulletPay better to tourism related employees, including restaurants (so they can be excited about their jobs, and infuse good feelings on tourists)

After all,
bulletWho wants to be visiting a country where people serving you are dirt poor, making you feel like you are a insensitive sybarite?

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