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The electronic society.  Bill Gates making a point in the forest outside his company (Microsoft) in Seattle, WA. Technology can save millions of trees.

The data content of the CD in his hand holds as much information as the several million sheets of paper in those two piles where he is sitting.

bulletThe problem with the environment is not technology!!
bulletTechnology brings tremendous benefits to our society.  If anything, technology will make processes more efficient, requiring less and less materials, labor and energy.
bulletThe problem is over-population, and the archaic religious beliefs firming its foundation.
bullet The problem is ignorance and lack of modern scientific education in too many countries.
bulletThe problem is simplistic convenient analyses on the bio-sphere we lived in, and treating our once healthy planet as if it is not going to be needed in 100 years from now.  So, why not to scourge it and have fun.
bulletTechnology brings the world together.  It will help us conquer our health problems and live fuller lives.
bulletBio-diversity will help us reaching these same goals as well. We can make this world a much better place to live in.
bulletTechnology -however- can also work as a sword with to edges.  It can be used in such a way that could make our lives miserable. If I am elected I will make sure technology is used the right way.  We ought to do so!
Is America losing the technological edge?  Not quite, but it could!  

For more on this, please visit the "Bering Tunnel" page (<-clicking the link)... and put your imagination to work!

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