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First of all, if you look at children and youngsters playing, you will have to admit that humans -by evolutionary nature- are selfish creatures.  Only higher thoughts from the cortex, control our most basic egocentric behavior from being expressed.

  It is only natural that we do not want to pay more for something, than what we need to pay. Furthermore, in part due to the selfish tendencies expressed above, throughout the years we always have had people who do not mind taking advantage of any opportunity that comes by.  Even when -by doing so- they eliminate that opportunity to somebody else, who they know might be more entitled to it than them.

We all have seen fraud in our welfare system, and the wasting of tax moneys that we dearly paid.

Who has not seen a "Eagle Forum" questionnaire ( ) where they ask if you would vote NO on all tax increases.  I am pro balanced budget, therefore, if the question were: vote NO on a NET tax increaseI would comply to that!   But, nobody who has commonsense should vote for a candidate that irrationally says NO to every tax increase.  After all, how do we pay for all those things that we have in America, and which often we give for granted.  Right! we pay with our tax money.

But we have to be fair on tax law, because we do not want somebody wasting the tax money that took hard work for us to earn.  This brings me to my doctrine, which I am going to call the "Tax Doctrine".

bulletIt has to do with getting back money you paid in taxes, but in the form of  "vouchers" (not rebates).
bulletIt is applicable -in similar fashion- mainly to two socioeconomic areas : Education, and Health Care.
bulletIt is also applicable -in a somewhat different way- to two other areas: Social Security and Investments

My "Tax Doctrine" has three postulates, and simply states:

  1. If your taxes go to support a social service from which you do not benefit -as much as you feel you could- then you should be entitled to a "voucher" refund. 
  2. This refund can only be used to 'buy' a better service
  3. Although we can always work to minimize it, there always will be poor and indigents in any society.  The voucher can not return 100%. Supporting these less fortunate individuals conveys a social cost.


bulletTo see how this doctrine is applicable to Education and Health Care, please click the "vouchers" button above.
bulletTo see it applied to Social Security and Investments, click on "investments".
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