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Puerto Rico

"Borinquen la Bella" as the native Indians, and the Spanish explorers used to call the island. Some prefer to call her "la Isla del Encanto" (the Enchanting Island).

 Also "la Isla del Coquí", because of this beautiful species of melodic frog (shown above) that is autochthonous of the island.  Supposedly, no other Caribbean island has Coquis.  I remember many evenings, that I spent relaxing with friends and relatives in this tropical island, and listening to this indefatigable singer.  What memories!

I lived in Mayagüez, PR, from 1971 and until 1974 when I finished my Engineering studies at the University of Puerto Rico -RUM (that I had started in Barcelona, Spain). Then we left for Long Island, NY.  Just before Christmas of 1980 we returned to Puerto Rico where we lived until 1986.

The picture to the right was taken when my households arrived from New York in a 35 footer container.  I am in the balcony of our new house in Old San Juan (a 18th century house that had been renovated, in O'Donnell St.). Police closed the street to traffic for 6 hours to give us a chance to unload the paraphernalia. My yellow riding mower can be seen on the foreground of this photo, I  had to give it away to my brother in law.  Needless to say, you do not need to mow the lawn here in Old San Juan.


PUERTO RICO.- Our American Commonwealth.  That beautiful island where I lived 10 years, and where I finished my Engineering studies. And where my son Ryan is currently studying Optometry.  All my three sons were born in Puerto Rico. 

What I can say about Puerto Rico?

You are fortunate!  You have self-determination.  You can freely decide your own future.


If that future is to be the 51st State that would be great!  The US Congress will obey the will of the Puerto Rican people when expressed in a popular referendum.


If that future is to continue with your "Status Quo" that is your prerogative, and that is probably the best way to go if you want to keep your Hispanic culture as intact as possible.


If your future is as an independent nation, I am sure that would make very happy to some those in third-tier parties.  And most of you would be also happy at heart, I know that!  However, from an economic standpoint, I do not think this last alternative will be in the best economic interest of your country, and of your people.  But, it is up to you, Borincanos !

Whichever outcome were to be decided, there is no need for me to say that you will always have a friend in Juan Xuna!    




Juan Xuna

This is the office I had in Recinto Sur St., Old San Juan.   A city Policeman is writing a report, on this day of January of 1981, when a window of my store was broken, and the robbers took my two computers I used for development ("Scientific Software" venture).  Two weeks early I had opened for business selling micro-computers.  I had copies of the "XUNA D.M.I.S." program, so I was able to rebuild the program in a few days. This operation for the sale of PC hardware was appropriately named "Business Micro-Computers" or B.M.C. A month later my father José  (who came from Spain to visit us, and spent a month in San Juan) posed with me for this picture in front of my operation, which now was protected with iron bars.  My son Ryan (7 years old at the time) is in the background. My father died in his home in Spain, of a heart attack 11 years after this picture was taken (RIP).
The pictures above (embroiderer, and ex-Governors Muñoz Marin and José Colón) came from issues of National Geographic (dated 12/1939 and 12/1962).


On this picture to the right I am in Dorado, Puerto Rico, with my three sons (Ryan, Jason and Kelvin) and with my sister Maria Rosa, nephew Ivan, and niece Marta.  My brother in law, Fernando took the picture (1985).

Although my sister and her family now live in Spain, they came to visit us from Caracas, Venezuela, where they lived for a couple of years in a business assignment.  Fernando was an executive of a Spanish bank that has branches in Latin America.

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