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My mother -Amadora- in Spain, surrounded by her grand-children. Except for my children, who could not be there.

My mother -in Spain- has just been diagnosed -in June of 2002- with an inoperable stomach cancer.  It is no painful, and for that reason took all family members -and her Doctors- by surprise that the tumor had suddenly conquered all the stomach, and had spread into the esophagus and duodenum.  They say it is hopeless.  Removing all this affected tissue would be martyrdom and -even after the painful surgery- she would have to go through chemotherapy and other discomforting procedures.  She is 82.  Money is not an issue, medicine in Spain is socialized.  No family member has to pay a single peseta.

Circa 1954.  In the picture with my mom, pop, and older brothers. I am the small guy on the left with my mom's hand on my shoulder.

The final decision:  Since she is no pain, let her have some quality of life for a few more weeks/months.  And if at some point she is in pain -and living becomes unbearable- then we would like to ask the Doctors to give her a lethal dosage of morphine, or whatever drug is tolerated by the Spanish authorities.

My brothers (3), my sister, and I, have decided for this. As many others in Europe, I am non religious.  But one of my brothers is a practicing Catholic, the rest are in that big gray area of moderate believers. It has nothing to do with religion.  It has to do with compassion.

When the Doctors indicate that there is no hope, and only miserable life ahead, Government should be able to look beyond religious dogma, and offer its citizens a choice to end their lives, The patient should be entitled to request this service, and allowed to push the delivery button himself/herself.

Dr. Kevorkian, it is a huge injustice to humanity that you end up in jail for trying to help people.

We love our mother!   (update 10/22/2002 -> my mother died on 10/15/2002). RIP

Querida madre:  

Lamento no poder estar contigo en estos días tan dificiles para tí.

Te agradezco de todo corazón todo el amor y cariño que siempre nos has brindado a todos.

Espero verte antes de que te vayas.  El corazón se me parte.

Adios mamá, puedes descansar en paz!

No mother should have to do this!  (please, read articles below)

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