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1 out of 4 white children in America

are  born without a father. (25%)

2 out of 3 black children in America

 are born without a father. (66%)


Please, before you read this page, visit also another page on this web site which has been titled "Maternity Leave".  Why?  Because, there I explain why it is important to America that we have a strong nuclear family with -at least- three children per couple.  I do not want to go through that story once again, it would be redundant.

Our nation has a slightly positive population growth rate, but only because during the last two decades we welcomed a flood of new immigrants.  Without these recent arrivals, and thanks to their tendency to have larger families than we do (despite their poverty), our country continues to grow -slightly nevertheless.

Without immigration, our growth rate would actually be negative, like it is currently in Spain, Russia, Italy, Sweden and some other western countries.



bulletProgressively, and since the 1960's when we discovered the anti conceptive pill, there has been a  behavioral change in the society.   Without fear of getting pregnant, sexual freedom (we used to call it "promiscuity") is unrelentingly becoming the norm in many countries around the world.
bulletGirls start very young to have sexual contacts, and 380,000 teenagers involuntarily become pregnant every year in America.  About 180,000 of those pregnancies end up in abortion.  Of that other half that reach fruition, can the subjects become happy mothers?
bullet I am pro-choice, because I have no doubt that it should be the right of a woman to conceive, or not to conceiveThat should not even be questioned!  If not because of my understanding of historical religious impositions and intolerance, I would not even comprehend why that became an issue at all.
bulletYet, this destruction of more than 40 million viable fetuses in less than 20 years bothers me.  The root of the problem is a total irresponsible -often negligent- behavior that has a huge social cost.  It has to be corrected somehow.  
bulletWe have in America the highest rate in teenage-pregnancy in the western world, nothing to be proud of (please visit page "Pro-Choice").
bulletThose statistics do not surprise me -as I already mentioned in another page- if you understand the fact that humans are egoistic by nature (as we studied in Evolutionary Genetics).  Many people out there are very shortsighted, egocentric, and too focused on their frivolous pleasure of a few minutes.  Often with total disregard on the consequences, and on the effect that their actions can have on a person for the rest of his/her life


... Is it really ?  It might be in appearance!

bulletThe truth is than no man with common sense is that foolish
bulletMany men will say that it does not matter to them if their girlfriends have had many sexual partners in the past.  Most often than not, they will admit they are lying about this.  At the end they will try to marry the "right" girl. 
bulletOthers are not farsighted enough to understand the future consequences of this promiscuous behavior in a  lasting relationship.
bulletThose who really do not care much, are those who do not put much toll in a marriage anyway, and typically end up divorcing after four or five years or less. Often at a great cost to innocent children.
bulletWe also have one of the highest divorce rates in the western world.   No wonder why?  When the first frictions in a marriage start to occur (itching), how can you be assured than your husband -or your wife- is going to be faithful?  Studies say that -on average- your partner has been romantically involved in the past with quite a few people.  Would they quickly look for "consol" and "support" from a previous lover ?
bulletIt is even worse when they do not see much ethically wrong with being casually "physical" with somebody from time to time to "spice" up the marriage... as I heard a few times.
bulletIt is good that I am non-religious, otherwise you would probably think that it is because of my pious beliefs that I am such a "nerdy" thinker.  Honestly, I take marriage very seriously.   If I did not love my partner, or if I were to expect a divorce in a few years, I would not consider getting married at all.  I would rather stay single.  And -definitely- in that case I would do my best to avoid having children.
bulletChildren at all ages, but especially in their infancy, cannot instinctively relate to the divorce of their parents.  They love both parents.  They are abhorred seeing one departing.  They suffer a tremendous shock.  You can try to mitigate the effect with counseling or whatever, but the psychological damage is still bound to be enormous.
bulletI know there are millions of children out there from divorced parents, yet that is not reassuring at all, it only makes the drama more palpable.  In those millions are included three of my own children, I had a divorce after 21 years of marriage.  Actually, we waited a few years to minimize the impact on them.   
bulletThere are some instincts that have been programmed in the human behavior through out the expanse of many thousands of years -not decades.  You cannot change deep feelings inside you in just one generation.  You might try to rationalize that promiscuity is not an important issue to you.  And you might even act on this pseudo-conviction, only to suffer severe consequences later for your "open-minded" attitude.  If not you, your children will suffer.
bulletMany of these "free-for-all" types would end up marrying a "lesser" person than the one they originally aspired to have.  Still others will not find a permanent mate at all.   Many potential good candidates, will likely opt out of the relationship when they realize it is starting to develop some roots. They will give some excuse.
bulletDeep down smart people know is not worth the risk trying a marriage under those dark clouds.  Especially when -in this day and age- you can have plenty of partners without having to make such a drastic step: committed marriage.
bulletThese suitors might be children of divorces themselves, and they know what they went through when the father left.  It is sad to be a father who does not see his children much, nor has much input in their lives.  What you have is a thorn deeply inserted in your heart,  and a big child support payment that has to be sent monthly for the next 15 to 20 years.  Who wants that?
bulletIf there were stability in marriages in America, and quality home-life, and a dedicated housewife, many men would probably chose that civil state, and likely they would enjoy having a large family.  But wives have to work (do they?), divorces are too common, many people live irresponsible lives. 
bulletTo make matters worse, some women -when their biological clock is nearing the last ticks- will decide to have children out of wedlock, because the maternal instinct is calling.  Not because it makes sense, or because it improves the welfare of the child.  On the contrary, statistics indicate that children of single mothers are 80% more likely will live in poverty.
bulletSingle-mothers will also try to rationalize that a husband is not really needed, and that the child will do fine without a father. We all know that is unrealistic at best.  True, if the husband to be is a violent drunk, then you better not marry that guy.  But you should have the smarts to chose better.  For starters, do not go to the wrong places to meet people, you will not find a good selection of suitors there.

So you expected this page to be just a regular Politician propaganda, talking non-sense on what he is going to do for Child Care once he gets elected.  Instead you are getting a reprimand and a lecture by this other candidate, who has not yet started to say where he stands in Child Care

Well I arrive there now...  Let me ask first...

How many political candidates out there have the guts to write about what I am daring here in covering?

And, if they mention these issues at all, are their views clearly positioned, or are they purposely fuzzy and ambivalent ?  so as not to antagonize any major voter's block.


 What follows are my stands in Child Care!     

  1. Enough production and consumerism, forget the huge house, the BMW, and the trip to Cancun.  If you are a mother you owe it to your child to work less outside your home. Period.
  2. If you can- stay at home with your children until the youngest goes to school (4 or 5 years old).
  3. In order to achieve that, it would be almost essential to have a good supportive husband.   It is not going to be very likely that you will find such a nice husband if you have not been a decent, respectful woman yourself.  That this makes sense?  If you found one despite your past foolishness, consider yourself very lucky.  Take good care of him.
  4. If you can avoid it, do not be a single mother, you can do better than that!.  A whopping 80% of children in single-mother homes live under the poverty line.  Do not fight statistics, you are bound to lose.  Go with the wind.  If you have a husband, and something were to happen to you, your children will not become orphans. Think about that! 
  5. Maybe you did not have a "good" father.  Maybe you did not have a father at all (that you knew).  If you had such a misfortune, have you had a happy childhood?  Maybe you overcame the difficulties because you received a lot of support from other relatives or friends.  But,  deep down you probably still have deep scars.  Do you want your children to go through the same martyrdom?
  6. Do not blame only your partner for all your marital problems.  Work the problems out with acumen.  If you have children, stop and look at their faces before you take a foolish decision.  They are the ones who will pay the heaviest price.
  7. Do not conceive a child if you do not see a stable marriage.  Do not take that kind of risk, if the relationship with your partner does not work out, get out of it quick, before it gets too complicated for you to be able to do that.   But, if you already have children who are happy living with your partner, then -please- try real hard to work out the problems in the marital relationship, with honesty and without egoism.
  8. If you recognize that your past sex-life has much to do with your marital problems, then do not allow your children (especially your daughters) to try the same path.   Be assertive, do not allow indecent behavior.  Watch your children.  Advice them.  Support them.  Have plenty of time for them.  No money excuses.  Live with less, and take good care of them.   It will pay you a lot more than been neglectful to them.
  9. Do not charge to credit cards expenses that you will have problem paying back later on.  Hope that things will get better, but do not count on it!   Avoid the credit card trap!   
  10. If possible, do not send your child to Pre Kinder Garden, or Kinder Garden, or even Pre-School.  Give them care until they have the maturity to go to school at age 4 or 5.  Period.
  11. Did you know that in America women account for 43% of the labor force, but in Germany only 26% of women work.  It is even better in Japan and France where only 9% of women are income earners.  If you would like to stay home go to India, there only 2% of women work outside their homes. We became hooked to "both spouses being income earners", and this is killing the family's quality of life.
  12. Finally, if it is impossible, or is already too late, to be able to do anything of the above, then send them to child care.  Make sure they will take good care of your precious things.
  13. I promise I will fight for you!   So US employers and our Government, will provide the most resources possible for you to afford the best high-quality child care.  But do not forget that ...   THE BEST CARE IS THE MOTHER's CARE, AND AT HOME !!!
  14. At least that is what I believe firmly.  There is no religious doctrine here.  Just plane common-sense, and some knowledge of human needs and social evolution (thought out the millennia).

Thanks for reading this page. Even if I do not get elected, I will feel good if some people would take my advice.  

The photographer, Dorothea Lange, on her series of photographs titled "A photographer recollections" wrote in 1936:

"They have been living on [unmarketable] vegetables from the ... fields, and birds that the children killed.  She had just sold the tires from her car to buy food."

Another picture worth a thousand words.  This picture was not taken in Siberia.  This is America in 1936.  If you do not feel sorrow seeing this picture, then  you are not a human being !

Although perhaps to a lesser degree, this still happens in America today.  And -definitely- it is still a daily occurrence in many other parts of this world, in the 21st century that we live.  That bothers me.

But, if we can not regulate the world, at least in America children should not be mistreated or "feel" abandoned from their parents.  And that includes children of guest workers. They are not less human than we are! 

Juan Xuna

Face of anguish (National Geographic -WE AMERICANS)
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