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 I will focus on reactivating CBI (Caribbean Basin Initiative) efforts.  These islands of the Caribbean are more than friendly neighbors to the USA, they need to be our strategic trading-partners as well.  Their economies can be helped dramatically with little effort from our part.  They need us.

Taxation on exports and imports to/from these countries should be totally eliminated.  For that purpose, commerce with these island-nations should have the same tax treatment as we offer to any other State of the Union. 


It is not just tourism that is at stake here, it that the agricultural and industrial base of these nations that need our support. Their resources are limited and environmentally fragile. Their current markets do not have the scale needed to be competitive. They -therefore- need especial consideration to reach our markets. They need our tourism as well, of course.  But given their immense beauty, this last goal should be the easiest to reach.

I will be writing more about the CBI (Caribbean Basin Initiative) soon!

Please keep posted!

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