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If you have read the page on Equality, you know that "redistricting" is not -perhaps- a perfect solution, but it works very well.  To certain degree, this measure has remedied the problem of minority under-representation, but only in the House of Representatives (it also offers help -as well- on seats for City Commissioners across our land).


The next "equality challenge" would be:

How to implement some mechanisms into our system of government, in such a way that would guarantee a fairer selection of candidates?    Candidates who -we all admit- are underrepresented within a larger scope, such as an State or the whole Nation.

 We need to take measures -to implement in the US Constitution (obviously as Amendments)-  that would guarantee that those groups (minority or not -women are not a minority and yet they are underrepresented) will be fairly represented in the US Senate,  in State's Governorships, and even in the highest office of the land,  the US Presidency. 

What follows are my proposed Amendments to the US Constitution:

bulletAmendment (A) would be for the Senate.  And consists in increasing the Senate seats by two (2).  These seats would be awarded to those two Senatorial Candidates (who registered as members of a certified under-represented group) and lost the vote for the least margin against their opponents.  Therefore, therefore, we would have two States with 3 Senators.  There will be a clause to impede that a State could have the possibly 4 Senators (since that outcome could possibly occur).
bulletAmendment (B) would be for State's Governorships.  And it would require that on every Century, on a year selected by lottery by each State individually, the candidates for the Governorship will have to be exclusively from under-represented groups (women, Jewish, Hispanics, Blacks, Gays, Foreign Born...any group that -consistently- impeded of reaching higher office due to recognized bias in our society).
bulletAmendment (C) would be for the US Presidency.  And would be parallel to the Amendment (B).  It would guarantee that at least once per Century there would be "equality" at the higher office as well.  On that election year (date to be drawn by lottery) our Presidential Candidates will have to be exclusively from under-represented groups.  There will not be shortage of highly qualified candidates, I can guarantee you that,  and voters should not feel shortchanged.  They would get the best candidates they ever had.

Some people may feel that these Amendments are far out, and that we not need such a drastic measure in our voting mechanisms.  I could not disagree more.  Only if you belong to one of these groups then you would understand the second-class citizen feeling that many of us have.

To those individuals I say:  We are not less citizen than you are... bigots! 

However, it is quite possible -although I would doubt it- that within 500 years or so, those amendments might not be necessary, in which case they could be annulled.  But we will not get there, unless we put the amendments forward now.

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